Non Profit Organizational Chart Template: A Comprehensive Guide

NonProfit Organizational Chart 5 Best Samples
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Non-profit organizations play a crucial role in society by working towards various social causes without the aim of making a profit. These organizations require proper management and a well-defined structure to function effectively. One such essential element is the non-profit organizational chart, which provides a visual representation of the organization's hierarchy and reporting structure.

What is a Non Profit Organizational Chart?

A non-profit organizational chart is a diagram that illustrates the structure of a non-profit organization. It showcases the relationships between different roles and positions within the organization, including the board of directors, executive team, managers, and staff members. This chart helps in understanding the chain of command, decision-making processes, and lines of communication within the organization.

Importance of a Non Profit Organizational Chart

A well-designed organizational chart is crucial for non-profit organizations for several reasons:

  • Clear Communication: It helps in establishing clear lines of communication and defining reporting relationships, ensuring that everyone knows who to report to and who they are accountable to.
  • Role Clarity: An organizational chart provides clarity on the roles and responsibilities of each position within the organization, minimizing confusion and promoting efficiency.
  • Decision-Making: It helps in identifying decision-makers and understanding the decision-making process, enabling smoother operations and faster decision-making.
  • Resource Allocation: The chart helps in allocating resources effectively by showcasing where each position fits within the organization's structure and how it contributes to the overall goals.

Creating a Non Profit Organizational Chart

Creating a non-profit organizational chart can be done using various tools and templates available online. Here are five sample non-profit organizational chart templates:

1. Hierarchical Organizational Chart Template

This template showcases a traditional hierarchical structure with the board of directors at the top, followed by executive roles, managers, and staff members. It provides a clear overview of the organization's reporting structure and the various departments and positions within.

2. Functional Organizational Chart Template

This template focuses on different functional areas within the non-profit organization, such as finance, operations, marketing, and human resources. It helps in understanding how each department contributes to the organization's overall mission and goals.

3. Divisional Organizational Chart Template

This template is suitable for larger non-profit organizations that have multiple divisions or branches. It showcases different divisions or branches within the organization, each with its own set of roles and responsibilities.

4. Matrix Organizational Chart Template

A matrix organizational chart is suitable for non-profit organizations that have cross-functional teams or project-based work. It showcases both the vertical reporting relationships and the horizontal project or team-based relationships.

5. Flat Organizational Chart Template

This template is ideal for smaller non-profit organizations with a flatter organizational structure. It showcases fewer hierarchical levels and promotes a more collaborative and agile work environment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Non Profit Organizational Chart Templates

Here are some frequently asked questions about non-profit organizational chart templates:

1. Why is an organizational chart important for non-profit organizations?

An organizational chart is important for non-profit organizations as it helps in establishing clear communication, defining roles, aiding decision-making, and allocating resources effectively.

2. Can I customize the organizational chart templates?

Yes, most organizational chart templates are customizable. You can modify them to suit your organization's specific structure and needs.

3. Where can I find non-profit organizational chart templates?

You can find non-profit organizational chart templates on various websites and online platforms that offer free or paid templates. Some popular platforms include Microsoft Office, Lucidchart, and Canva.

4. How often should I update the organizational chart?

It is recommended to update the organizational chart whenever there are significant changes in the structure or roles within the organization. Regular updates ensure that the chart remains accurate and reflects the current state of the organization.

5. Can I use software to create an organizational chart?

Yes, there are several software options available that allow you to create professional-looking organizational charts. Some popular ones include Microsoft Visio, Lucidchart, and OrgChartNow.

6. What are the benefits of using an organizational chart template?

Using an organizational chart template saves time and effort in creating a chart from scratch. It provides a framework that can be easily customized, ensuring consistency and accuracy in the chart's design.

7. How can I ensure that the organizational chart is easily understandable?

To ensure that the organizational chart is easily understandable, use clear and concise job titles, provide brief descriptions of each position, and use color coding or grouping to distinguish between different departments or divisions.

8. Can I include volunteers in the organizational chart?

Yes, you can include volunteers in the organizational chart if they hold significant roles or responsibilities within the organization. However, it is essential to clearly differentiate between paid staff members and volunteers.

9. Should the organizational chart be shared with everyone in the organization?

It is not necessary to share the entire organizational chart with everyone in the organization. However, key stakeholders, managers, and employees should have access to the relevant sections of the chart that pertain to their roles and responsibilities.

10. Can an organizational chart be used for strategic planning?

Yes, an organizational chart can be used for strategic planning as it provides insights into the organization's structure, capabilities, and potential areas for improvement. It helps in identifying gaps, redundancies, and opportunities for growth.


A non-profit organizational chart is a valuable tool for effective management and communication within non-profit organizations. By providing a visual representation of the organization's structure, it helps in establishing clear lines of communication, defining roles and responsibilities, aiding decision-making, and promoting efficient resource allocation. Using customizable templates and software, non-profit organizations can create professional and easily understandable organizational charts that reflect their unique structure and goals.


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