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observe to Annual everyday meeting; Proposals of the Board of administrators stock alternate unlock, MARCH four, 2021, 3.00 PM note to Annual ordinary assembly observe is hereby given to the shareholders of QPR utility Plc that the Annual established meeting should be held on Thursday March 25, 2021 starting at 1:00 p.m. at the company’s headquarters Huopalahdentie 24, 00350 Helsinki, Finland. Participation and exercise of shareholder rights within the assembly is possible only by the use of proxy illustration, by means of submitting counterproposals and asking questions in strengthen in accordance with the instructions given during this be aware and in any other case by using the company. The Board of administrators of the company has resolved on fabulous measures pursuant to the brief legislations authorized by using the Finnish Parliament. in order to steer clear of the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Annual familiar meeting will be held with out shareholders’ presence on the meeting venue. this is essential as a way to be certain the fitness and security of the shareholders, personnel and other stakeholders of the business in addition to to arrange the meeting in a predictable method permitting equal potential for shareholders to take part whereas also ensuring compliance with the present restrictions set by means of the authorities. For these reasons, shareholders can participate within the meeting simplest through the use of their rights by means of proxy representation, via submitting counterproposals and asking questions in enhance. further directions may also be discovered beneath in this note in part C guidance for the members of the Annual typical meeting. The management of the company and the Auditor will no longer attend the meeting, there might be no addresses by way of the Board or administration at the assembly and no webcast will be provided. A. here concerns may be ADDRESSED on the assembly 1. Opening of the meeting 2. matters of order for the assembly The Chair of the assembly can be Kalle Kyläkallio, attorney-at-legislation. In case Kalle Kyläkallio would now not be in a position to act because the Chair of the assembly for a weighty cause, the Board of directors will name a further grownup it deems most suitable to act as the Chair. Story continues 3. Election of a person to ascertain the minutes and a person to investigate the counting of votes The adult to confirm the minutes and to examine the counting of votes could be Teemu Lehto. In case Teemu Lehto would no longer be able to act because the grownup to verify the minutes and to investigate the counting of votes for a weighty rationale, the Board of directors will name one more grownup it deems most suitable to behave in that function. four. Recording the prison convening of the meeting and quorum 5. Recording the attendance on the assembly and adoption of the list of votes The shareholders who have the right to participate within the meeting pursuant to Chapter 5 Sections 6, 6a and seven of the Finnish confined legal responsibility groups Act could be recorded to have attended the meeting. The list of votes might be adopted based on the counsel supplied by Euroclear Finland Oy. 6. Presentation of the Annual accounts, the review by the Board of directors and the auditor’s record for the yr 2020 QPR application´s annual file become posted on March four, 2021 and includes the business’s Annual bills, the review by way of the Board of directors and the auditor’s record. The document is available on the business’s site www.qpr.com. 7. Adoption of the Annual debts eight. resolution on the use of the income shown on the steadiness sheet The Board proposes to the Annual usual meeting that no dividend be paid according to the balance sheet to be adopted for the economic year ended on December 31, 2020. 9. resolution on the discharge of the individuals of the Board of administrators and the executive executive Officer 10. Addressing the Remuneration file The Remuneration document is attached to this notice and is available on the company’s web page www.qpr.com. The decision on the Remuneration coverage is advisory. 11. resolution on the remuneration to the individuals of the Board of administrators and to the Auditor The fundamental shareholders put together yearly a proposal to the Annual normal meeting for the composition of the company’s Board of directors in addition to smartly for the annual emoluments of the Board individuals and auditors. The Chairman of the Board is chargeable for contacting the main shareholders and welcoming at the least three greatest shareholders yearly to put together the proposals. On the suggestion of the major shareholders of the business, the impartial Proxy consultant named by way of the company, proposes to the Annual frequent assembly that the monthly fee payable to the Board individuals elected on the equal assembly for a time period ending on the close of the subsequent Annual conventional assembly is: EUR three,090 for the Chairman of the Board and EUR 1,545 for each Board member. The charge of the Auditor is proposed to be paid in response to economical invoice. 12. resolution on the variety of members and election of the Board of administrators It has been brought to the enterprise´s consideration that shareholders who symbolize 54 % of the company´s shares and votes will propose to the Annual well-known assembly that the variety of Board members be verified at four (4) and that Pertti Ervi, Matti Heikkonen, Antti Koskela and Jukka Tapaninen be elected as Board participants. The independent Proxy consultant named through the company proposes on the recommendation of the fundamental shareholders that the number of Board contributors be 4 (4) and that Pertti Ervi, Matti Heikkonen, Antti Koskela and Jukka Tapaninen be elected as Board participants. assistance about folks proposed to be elected as Board members is connected to this observe. 13. Election of the Auditor The impartial Proxy representative named by the company proposes to the Annual typical assembly that audit firm KPMG Oy Ab be re-elected as QPR software´s auditor for the economic year 2021. KPMG Oy Ab has announced that Miika Karkulahti, approved Public Accountant, would act as predominant auditor. 14. Authorization of the Board of directors to pick out conveyance of own shares The Board of directors proposes that the Annual universal assembly would authorize the Board of administrators to opt for conveyance of the business’s personal shares, a total of 457,009 shares (share problem). The Board of directors proposes that the authorization comprises the right to deviate from the shareholders’ pre-emptive subscription appropriate. The authorization can be used to increase the business’s capital structure, as a part of the company’s incentive programs or for economic motives principally gigantic for the business. The Board of directors proposes that the authorization might be in drive except the next Annual everyday assembly. B. documents The proposals of the Board of directors are posted during this inventory change bulletin. The monetary statements are available for evaluation by using the shareholders on the site of the business www.qpr.com from March four, 2021. Copies of the proposals of the Board of directors and of the economic statements might be sent to a shareholder by way of request. C. directions TO SHAREHOLDERS in order to evade the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, the meeting could be prepared in order that only the proxy representatives are allowed to be existing on the meeting venue. this is indispensable in particular so as to be sure the health and safety of the enterprise’s shareholders, employees and different stakeholders and compliance with the present restrictions set with the aid of the authorities. it is requested that shareholders would appoint the independent Proxy representative nominated by way of the company as their proxy consultant and give him balloting guidelines. Shareholders can best take part via a proxy representative, by submitting counterproposals and asking questions in strengthen. Participation and Registration A shareholder of the business that has been entered into the company’s shareholders’ register maintained by way of the Euroclear Finland Oy on March 15, 2021, has the right to take part in the Annual common assembly as described during this observe. The shareholder willing to participate in the Annual conventional meeting shall record the business of the participation on March 15, 2021, at four:00 p.m. (Finnish time) at the latest, in writing to the address QPR utility Plc, Huopalahdentie 24, 00350 Helsinki, by mobile to the quantity +358 50 4361 658, or by way of e mail to the handle ilmoittautumiset@qpr.com. The letter or message of participation will be on the destination just before the expiry of the registration period. The feasible proxies are asked to be delivered in connection with the registration to the handle set forth above. Proxy representative and powers of legal professional A shareholder might also participate within the Annual generic meeting and activity his/her rights at the meeting handiest by means of proxy representation. because of restrictions caused with the aid of the Covid-19 pandemic shareholders are requested to make use of independent proxy provider organized through the company and authorize the independent Proxy representative nominated by way of the company, or a person targeted through him to signify the shareholder and pastime on his/her behalf the appropriate to vote in accordance with the vote casting directions given with the aid of the shareholder. The independent Proxy consultant nominated with the aid of the enterprise is Heikki Uotila, lawyer-at-legislations. His contact advice is Susiluoto Attorneys-at-legislation Ltd, Uudenmaankatu 16 A, 00120 Helsinki, Finland, tel. + 358 400 429 786, electronic mail: heikki.uotila@susiluoto.com. A proxy consultant shall produce a dated proxy doc or otherwise in a legitimate manner display his/her appropriate to signify the shareholder at the Annual conventional assembly. should still a shareholder participate in the meeting by means of potential of a number of proxy representatives representing the shareholder with shares in distinct book-entry money owed, the shares by which every proxy consultant represents the shareholder will be recognized in connection with the registration for the Annual popular assembly. Templates for an influence of lawyer in addition to for guidelines to vote are available on the website of the enterprise www.qpr.com latest on March 9, 2021, when submitting counterproposals to the Annual customary meeting has ended. possible proxy files are requested to be delivered by e mail to ilmoittautumiset@qpr.com or in originals to QPR application Plc, Huopalahdentie 24, and 00350 Helsinki by means of March 23, 2021. delivery of a duly prepared and signed proxy document to the enterprise before the conclusion of the registration period March 15, 2021 at four.00 pm (EET) constitutes due registration for the Annual conventional meeting. Holders of nominee registered shares A holder of nominee registered shares has the right to participate in the Annual conventional assembly by virtue of such shares, in line with which he/she on the listing date of the Annual usual assembly, i.e. on March 15, 2021, could be entitled to be registered within the shareholders’ register of the company held by means of Euroclear Finland Ltd. The correct to take part in the Annual common assembly requires, moreover, that the shareholder on the foundation of such shares has been registered into the transient shareholders’ register held through Euroclear Finland Ltd. at the latest through March 22, 2021 via 10:00 a.m. (EET). With appreciate to nominee registered shares the transient entry into the shareholders´ register is regarded as registration for the Annual familiar meeting. Any adjustments in share ownership after the date of checklist shall no longer have an have an impact on on right to participate the Annual generic assembly nor on votes of the shareholder. A holder of nominee registered shares is informed to request straight away all indispensable guidance related to the brief registration in the shareholder’s register of the company, the issuing of proxy documents and registration for the Annual well-known assembly from his/her custodian bank. The account management firm of the custodian financial institution has to register a holder of nominee registered shares, who desires to participate in the Annual standard meeting, into the brief shareholders’ register of the enterprise at the latest by way of March 22, 2021 via 10:00 a.m. (EET), as outlined above. extra counsel concerning the Annual widely wide-spread assembly is attainable on the website of the company www.qpr.com. other instructions and assistance Shareholders who dangle at least a hundredth of the entire shares within the company have a correct to make a counterproposal on the agenda objects, to be positioned for a vote. Such counterproposals are required to be despatched to the enterprise via e mail to ilmoittautumiset@qpr.com no later than with the aid of March 9, 2021 at 4:00 p.m (EET). In connection with making a counterproposal, shareholders are required to supply satisfactory facts of shareholding. The counterproposal can be positioned for a vote discipline to the shareholder having the correct to participate in the Annual frequent assembly and that the shareholder holds at least one centesimal of all shares within the business on the checklist date of the Annual well-known meeting. should still the counterproposal no longer be placed for a vote on the assembly, improve votes in desire of the idea should not taken under consideration. The enterprise will on March 15, 2021, the latest, submit on its web site www.qpr.com the counterproposals, if any, that can be voted on. A shareholder has the appropriate to ask questions talked about in Chapter 5, part 25 of the Finnish limited legal responsibility agencies Act with recognize to the concerns to be considered at the meeting. Such questions ought to be sent with the aid of email to ilmoittautumiset@qpr.com no later than March 15, 2021 at 4:00 p.m. (EET). Such questions from shareholders, the enterprise’s management’s answers to them, and any counterproposals that haven’t been placed for a vote can be found on the enterprise’s web page www.qpr.com on March 18, 2021. In reference to asking questions and making counterproposals, shareholders are required to provide sufficient facts of shareholding. ANNUAL record QPR utility Plc’s annual record 2020 was published on Thursday, March 4, 2021 and is available on the company’s internet pages at www.qpr.com. Copies of the annual report will even be accessible on the enterprise’s headquarters Huopalahdentie 24, 00350 Helsinki, Finland (tel. +358 45 325 8285 Tarja Viantie). other information On the date of this notice for the Annual common assembly, the entire number of shares and votes in QPR application is 12,444,863. In Helsinki March four, 2021 QPR utility PLCThe Board of directors additional information: Vesa-Pekka LeskinenChairman of the BoardQPR application PlcTel. +358 forty 500 9830 DISTRIBUTION Nasdaq HelsinkiMain Mediawww.qpr.com Neither this inventory alternate unencumber nor any reproduction of it could be taken, transmitted into or distributed in the u.s. of the usa or its territories or possessions. Attachments Making a pattern of a Nonprofit Agenda Jared Lewis is a professor of historical past, philosophy and the humanities. He has taught a number of courses in these fields due to the fact that 2001. A former licensed fiscal adviser, he now works as a author and has published a large number of articles on training and enterprise. He holds a bachelor’s degree in history, a master’s diploma in theology and has completed doctoral work in American history. Protocol for a Board of directors meeting Board individuals are often volunteers or part-time contributors of an organization who commonly don’t have time to maximise their board assembly practise. whether a board is overseeing an incorporated small company or proposing counsel to a nonprofit, its contributors continually do not prepare conferences, however in its place conduct company as soon as there. helping board contributors put together for meetings and running them in an prepared, well timed manner requires pre-meeting communique, counsel gathering and an equipped agenda. read Your Bylaws a company’s bylaws regularly dictate when board meetings have to be held and the way many board contributors need to be latest to create a quorum. A quorum is the minimal number of board individuals latest to move legit company matters via vote. while that you can cling a board assembly with no quorum, you gained’t be capable of put any authentic movements into region, reminiscent of elevating dues, amending the bylaws, making appointments or changing membership requirements. Set a Date Set a date for the meeting and call board participants to assess who can attend. in spite of the fact that you’ll have a quorum in your first proposed date, key committee chairs might now not be able to attend, monetary files might now not be up to date by that point or different factors could necessitate altering the date. upon getting a date that meets your requirements, speak the date, time and area to board individuals, publication your meeting area and start making arrangements for any food and beverage or audio-visual needs you’ll have. send Assignments Contact board members as a bunch or individually to alert them to what their function should be at the meeting. Resend the action objects from the remaining board assembly for board members to evaluation. include a duplicate of the final meeting’s minutes, which board individuals will should approve, amend or deny at the upcoming assembly. offer assist if board members want assist to make their presentations. for example, the finance chair or treasurer will need the present financial popularity of the organization. The membership chair will need new member and attrition numbers. Create the Agenda The agenda for the meeting should include a name to order, introduction of attendees, approval of the previous meeting’s minutes, a president’s report, treasurer’s file, committee reviews, time to discuss new enterprise, time to assessment ancient enterprise and an adjournment. ship a replica of the agenda with approximate instances for each part so board individuals recognize after they should be making their shows. consist of timed breaks to supply board members a chance to make mobilephone calls or sign in with their offices all through lengthy conferences and to hold your meeting on course. meeting layout Many boards follow Robert’s rules of Order to conduct conferences. here is an orderly gadget of proposing assistance, making motions, passing votes and conducting business all through a gathering. bring a replica of Robert’s rules of Order and particularly overview the rules involving making and passing motions to make sure any important items of company you behavior are allowable under your bylaws. Have a duplicate of your bylaws on the meeting. You could be in a position to access Robert’s guidelines of Order and your bylaws electronically all through the assembly for reference. Have the firm’s secretary or specified alternative maintain minutes of the meeting. shut the meeting by reading the action gadgets agreed upon all the way through the meeting so that you can create a listing of these items to include within the meeting minutes. References creator Bio Sam Ashe-Edmunds has been writing and lecturing for a long time. He has labored within the corporate and nonprofit arenas as a C-Suite govt, serving on a number of nonprofit boards. he’s an internationally traveled recreation science author and lecturer. He has been posted in print publications akin to Entrepreneur, Tennis, SI for kids, Chicago Tribune, Sacramento Bee, and on websites such sensible-suit-dwelling.internet, SmartyCents and Youthletic. Edmunds has a bachelor’s degree in journalism..

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