7+ Business Proposal Letter

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A business proposal letter is a document that is used by business owners to communicate the terms of a business contract that they are proposing. Flourishing industries necessarily result to the rising of competition as well. A lot of companies struggle in getting on top. In relation to this, the prospective customers and clients as well have more options as to the companies or businesses that they would wish to make business dealings with. That is why, businesses resort to business proposals. Business proposals allow businesses to increase their profits by merging with an established company or by collaborating with other businesses in realizing a profitable project. Whatever the nature of the business proposal, it is of paramount importance that you, as the person communicating a business proposal, would know how to write a business proposal letter. Moreover, you must also tailor fit your letter to the kind of proposal you are fabricating.
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Since a business proposal letter’s content and format would vary depending on its purpose, it is important to have sufficient knowledge of the varying types of business proposals. The following are the most common business proposals:
Business Sale Proposal – This type of business proposal is also a form of advertisement. The element that makes this proposal an advanced tool for gaining new clients or customers is its specificity. Usually, a business sale proposal is created with a specific customer in mind. This customer has already been researched beforehand. His/her specific needs, agenda, and activities thus making it easier for the proposal writer to create a proposal that would be advantageous to the prospective client.
Business Vendor Proposal – In contrast to the business sale proposal, this proposal is sent by a business or company to a prospective vendor or distributor of stocks. Acquiring goods and equipment to be used for one’s company is also a matter that must be taken seriously, especially when one decides to buy goods by bulk. To make price and quality negotiations easier, a business vendor proposal letter must be sent to the prospective vendor.
Business Partnership Proposal – As the name indicates, this is the proposal that is sent when a business owner wishes to merge his/her company with another. This can also refer to the occurrence when a prospective businessman or woman would want to establish or create a business with another individual whom he/she deems capable of actualizing the visions he/she has for her/his future business.
Business Project Collaboration Proposal – Sometimes a merger is too much of a burden for two independently successful companies. The solution to this is the agreement of two business owners or corporations to collaborate in a specific project. This project is created with the purpose of generating profits or advantage to both businesses involved. Furthermore, a business project collaboration proposal contains terms that the relationship between the parties would be dissolved once the project is completed.
Business Funding Proposal – The main aim of this business proposal is to seek financial aid or funding from a wealthy individual, an interested corporation, or a charitable institution. The funding proposal doesn’t need to be absolutely one-sided. More often than not, there are terms in the proposal that mentions the specific benefits on the part of the prospective sponsors. For example, a business funding proposal may contain a percentage of the profits that would go directly to the accounts of the sponsors immediately upon the moment when the business starts earning profits.

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